Rob of The Rockys' Adventure Art

Okay, so I gave my self the title, but it seemed only fitting. I was born in the mountain town of Grande Cache, and grew up in Calgary where I had ample opportunity to visit Banff and Kananaskis in The Rocky Mountains and fall in love with all the mountain sports. Combining my love for the outdoors with my art and illustration just makes sense.

Cliff Hanger Mural Art

"Cliff Hanger"Mural

Spending much of his off time in the mountains, but still liking to have fun, Rob likes to set up fun photo's of friends playing in nature. This Mural art is based off of one of those fun moments. Of coarse finding Rob and his friends hanging on the side of cliffs isn't that unusual ether, though probably with more confidence.

Snowboard with artwork of ice climbers in a cave

Ice Cave explorers- Snowboard Art

Inspired by an ice cave hike, Rob created this fantasy cave expedition artwork perfect for the winter loving snow shredders that would love this snowboard.

T-shirt art of a man standing in Pika Cave looking at Prairie Mountain

Illustration of Pika Cave

Not too far off the track, but far enough not to be know by most, Pika cave looks out over Prairie Mountain in Kananaskis. The fun scramble to get to it makes it one of Rob's favourite adventures. This illustration was featured in Moment's Magazine and is available on products such as T-shirts on Redbubble.

Stickers of mountain art including Haling Peak, Cascade Mountain and Yamnuska

Designs for Mountain stickers series

If you live in Alberta, you know how proud we are of our Rocky Mountains, and if you play in the mountains there's a few everyone knows. If you hike or climb, collecting these stickers is perfect to remember where you've conquered. So far the series contains Haling Peak, Cascade Mountain, Yamnuska, Heart Mountain, Castle Mountain, Mount Temple, Pocaterra Ridge and Mount Rundle.

Stickers are currently available in Switching Gear in Calgary and Canmore.

Illustration of Mount Temple in Banff Alberta

Illustration and sticker design of Mount Temple

Reaching out above the others, Mount Temple is a giant in the Banff area at an altitude of 3544 m. It's visible from Lake Louise Village and KM's around, making it a must have in the sticker collection.

Stickers are currently available in Switching Gear in Calgary and Canmore.

Sticker design of a box truck with a cityscape transitioning to a mountain scape, and the title Canadian Stealth.

Promotional sticker design for Canadian Stealth

Illustrated stickers make great marketing swag. The van life youtube content creator, Canadian Stealth wanted Rob's art for it's nostalgic graphic look, vintage colour pallet and appealing mountain art style.

Surfboard and matching helmet with illustration of exploding volcano and storming clouds.

Custom paint job for surfboard and matching helmet

Every surfboard deserves a good paint job and a rad name to go with it, this one’s been dubbed "The Thunder-Wave-Lava-Shreader". It’s a battle between the heavens and earth; a thunderstorm rains down bolts of lighting as a volcano launches up molten lava. Any surfer would be stoked to add this board to their collection, but sorry this custom board is spoken for.

Illustration of a lady hopping from rock to rock on a mountain ridge.

Ridge Walker illustration

One of the most exhilarating parts of a hike, is walking along the ridge on top of a mountain, sheer drops to your side, hoping that hop to the next rock isn't your last.

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