Hot NEW SERVICE, now offering Digital Event Caricatures!

Rob Milton can now do live digital caricatures, perfect for corporate events, trade shows, conventions or anyone looking for an extra wow factor or a great marketing tool.

Had a Digital Event Caricature done at an event and want to download it?

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Digital Caricature Event Set up

The Set up and what's included

-Rob draws live on his iPad connected to a 32 inch display so more guests can watch the magic and see it from far away.

-The finished caricature is printed on a 4 by 6 card, easy to cary, show around the event and take home.

-Each picture is branded with the clients company logo, making them a fantastic marketing tool that the guests will actually keep and share.

-The digital caricature will be available online after the event so the guests can download it and share it to social media or print more copies for themselves. A link for the download will be at the bottom of each picture.

-About 10 to 12 guests per hour can be drawn in black and white. Colour is available at request of the client, but take longer so only 4 or 5 guests can be completed in an hour.

So what does the client need to provide?

The Client will need to provide a table and 2 chairs close to an electric outlet. This service is for indoor venues only since the electronics need to be out of the weather and sunlight affects screen visibility.

Caricature of James Jordan Magician

James Jordan Comedy Magician Caricature- 2018

You don't have to bring your own goofy facial features but some will try!

Digital Event Caricature of baby

Baby Checking His Caricature Out- 2018.

Thats right; event those squirming, crying, laughing and smiling faces can be drawn!

Caricature of Trixtan

Trixtan The Multi Talented Entertainer- 2018

Whapow! Black and white caricatures are quick and still entertaining to get and fun to show off.

Caricature of Zee

Caricature on the big screen - 2018

It's hard to miss the magic happening when it's on a big screen. You’ll attract guests to your booth when they see the caricature artist at work.

Caricature of Beauty

Caricature of Beauty- 2018

That’s right, Caricatures aren’t just ugly portraits. Rob can draw beautiful ones that are still fun!

Caricature of Stacey

Stacey's Caricature - 2018

Is that a Bird? Or a Plain? No that's Stacey.