More than just a doodle

Rob can handle your illustration needs with creative concept development and an appealing illustration style. He has experience with corporate and private illustration ranging from logo design to advertising to decorative product designs.

Cartoon sticker of Tornado Global Hydrovacs truck.

A "truck caricature" made for Tornado Global Hydrovacs stickers.

That’s right. Other things can be caricaturized or cartooned, making great illustrations for corporate and promotional use.

Caricatue Logo of Comedian Jo King

Caricature Logo of Comedian Jo King

If you have a unique business a caricature logo might be a perfect fit to represent you. It’s perfect for businesses that deliver a personal touch, from bakers, to entertainers, to real-estate agents.

Illustration of excavation

Illustration for Bob Wallace Excavating LTD- Side 1

Adding an illustration to your paperwork cab be a good way to engage your customers with a visual.

Illustration of excavator demolishing a house with Bob Wallace Excavating logo.

Illustration for Bob Wallace Excavating LTD- Side 2

I knew I was working for a great client when I was asked “can you make the house look sadder?” Cartoon illustration can go beyond the limits of photo’s, adding character to demonstrate your concept.

Okanagan Freestyle Fencing business cards with caricature on them.

Caricature Design for Okanagan Freestyle Fencing

Liven up your business cards or headshots with a caricature of you. This'll show your clients your personality as well as your face.

Illustration explaining Neuroplasticity, a boy riding his bike to conect a brain.

Slide illustration for a presentation by a University of Calgary Research Doctor

Some concepts like Neuroplasticity are just too abstract to imagine. An illustration can make your presentation or article a little more interesting by showing an analogy of the concept.

Shoe design with surfer created for Vans Custom Culture Contest

Shoe Design created for Vans Custom Culture Contest

Rob has a good sense of 3 demensions and can adapt illustration to fit whatever you can print on.

Simple map of Calgary with spot illustrations

Spot illustrations for Wedding Map- (Graphic Design by Debra Silberman)

Spot illustrations are a great way to liven up a map, an article or a sign. How could you aply spot illustrations?

Surfboard and matching helmet with illustration of exploding volcano and storming clouds.

The Thunder-Wave-Lava-Shreader

Every board deserves a good paint job and a rad name to go with it!

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