Need a unique gift?

You have come to the right place. Rob Milton can draw a caricature portrait of your family member, friend, employee, or hey, even you. It can be a simple face shot, a coloured picture with a fun theme, or a quirky scene with multiple characters. Caricatures make a great souvenir or gift, for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or Valentines. Hang it on your wall or use it as your profile picture! Take a look below for samples. If you've decided ordering one sounds like a great idea, shoot Rob an email for more details.

LMC Group Bills Caricature

Retirement Caricature for Bill at LMC Group Inc. - 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

I’m often asked to make caricatures for retirement gifts, such as this one.

Now that bill has conquered his career, it’s time for him to enjoy biking and skying in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Facilities Manager Caricature

Caircature of Facilites Manager, Bob Rogan - 2017 - Rob Milton- Ink and Digital

A caricature is one of the most customizable gifts you can get for your emplyees or friends! I can work with your ideas, or come up with some new ones.

Couples Caricature with Sunset in Greece

Greek Sunset - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Celebrate your love and remember a great vacation; like this couple after visiting Greece.

Caricature of a teacher building a brain puzzel

Caricature of teacher, Kim Mclean- 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

I had the pleasure to work with Calgary Academy to create caricatures to celebrate the achievements of their teachers and staff.

Caricature of Lucas the dog and his pet duck

Lucas the Dog - 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

That’s right, you can give your dog crazed friends a caricature of their dog!

Retirement Caricature in the Canadian Rockies

MMR Canada Retirement Caricature- 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

MMR Canada wanted to honour the career of their employee by giving him a memorable caricature of all things Canadian!


Nelly and Victor the Custodians - 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and digital

With a caricature even a routine job can look exciting.

Transformers Fans

"Trans Formers Fans" - 2015 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

This caricature was a gift from a brother, for a brother that loved Transformers.

Caricature of Rajko Dodic on a horse juumping the birdge in Lethbridge

Rajko Dodic, the Night Rider- 2017 - Rob Milton - Digital

You can highlight a fantastic story while honouring your colleague's retirement!

Caricature with Rob Dickinson's campaign

Robert Dickinson's campaign team- 2017 - Rob Milton - Digital

Getting a caricature for your team is a great way to promote morale or say Thanks.

Coach and reffery Rod Fleck Playing golf Caricature

Coach and Reff Rod Fleck- 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Get drawn doing your favourite sport. Another caricature done for Calgary Academy.

Caricature of man window washing

"Wipe Clean"- 2017 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

A caricature can be personalized to make the perfect gift for the one you care about.

caricature of Stewart Wilson

"Stewart Wilson" Caricature - 2016 - Rob Milton - Ink and Digital

Golf's up!