Need a unique gift?

You have come to the right place. Calgary Artist, Rob Milton can draw a caricature portrait of your family member, friend, employee, or hey, even you. It can be a simple face shot, a coloured picture with a fun theme, or a quirky scene with multiple characters. Caricatures make a great souvenir or gift, for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement or Valentines. Hang it on your wall or use it as your profile picture! Take a look below for samples. If you've decided ordering one sounds like a great idea, shoot Rob an email for more details.

Caricature of retiree driving mercedes through golf coarse with bufalo following

Retirement caricature done for Rangeland Engineering

A caricature is a great gift for your retiring colleague or an appreciation gift for current employees.

Save the Date cards for a wedding with a caricature of the couple.

Save the Date card for weddings

Add something fun to your save the date cards or wedding invites by adding a caricature.

Family Caricatures on 4 mugs.

A family of mugs

From mugs to T-shirts, the possibilities of where you can put a caricature are endless. Rob’s commissioned caricatures are created digitally so you can print them where you want them.

Caricature of a couple in Canadian mountains overlooking the Canadian cost.

Couples Caricatures!

A caricature is a great way to celebrate a couple for an anniversaries, birthday, wedding, or Christmas.

A posh caricature of coworkers in an office.

Team Caricatuure created for Calgary Heart Centre

Show appreciation for your team and have them drawn and hung up in the office. Most caricatures are drawn 11 by 14 inches but bigger options are available for works such as this.

An illustration with a team of caricatures enjoying camping

Team Caricatuure created for Rosen Group

If you can't get everyone together in person, get them all drawn together. Here, the team is enjoying all the funny things that happen while camping.

w Caricature of a family enjoying the pool and backyward life.

Family caricatures

A caricature of your family is a gift your family will treasure for years.

A Family Christmas card with caricatures of the family playing in snow.

Family Christmas Cards

Make your Family Christmas card a little funner this year with a Caricatured card. Caricatured Christmas Cards are also a great option for companies looking to send out cards to their clients and colleagues.

Headshot Caricature with Night Before Christmas theme.

Headshot Caricatures

Your headshot is often the first impression you give to colleagues and clients so why not make it a fun picture?!

Caricature of a teacher building a brain puzzel

Wedding Caricature- Original photo from wedding photographer Connie Roberts-

I was stoked when Altiera asked me to draw her and her husband for their anniversary.

Caricature of Dog catching a ball.

Dog Caricatures

Come on, you know dog owners love their dogs so why wouldn’t they want a caricature of their dog?

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